If I Die

If I die rejoice,

For it was the Lord’s choice.

I’d be with you if I could,

pounder the good.

Reminisce the amazing times,

Revisit my poetic rhymes.

Smile at the thought of me,

Uplifted, my soul set free.

Did I positively Impact your life?

Or did I create strife?

Probably both, I’m a lot to handle,

Light to your heart, was I the candle?

Don’t cry for I’m with Aaliyah, Lena and Langston Hughes,

Become envious when you hear the news.

By. Derrick Malone Jr.

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Chasin’, Chasin’ Ultimate Run,

Rosy red cheeks, a clown none,

Chiseled sculpture black as night

Envy green paper in sight,


Main squeeze in successful juice

Tie the naught? To us a noose.

The feeling is love, what do you mean?

No game in me, you simply want the team,


Chasin’ Chasin’, Brag Brag, Four years in time,

No prize in me once you pass the finish line

Four Stanzas

Stop dancing through my mind

Footsteps through a journal of love i can’t find,

Falling for lies but i hold on to your thick long black hair

I don’t believe you care


I’ve prayed for you, and here you are,

Heaven sent, my foreign star,

Words cant describe your significant role,

Tattooed over my heart, my poetic soul


Eyes of fiery passion, ocean blue,

Roller-coaster of trust and love that was true,

Even though we’re done,

Remember, you’re the only one


While I dreamm I toss in my sleep,

Mutal betrayal, you cut so deep,

My lovely first that didnt last

Because of you i have no future due to our past

The Fulfilling Feeling

I’ll give you all the emotions you desire,

Inside you’ll feel a warm embrace, an eternal fire.

My gentle lips on yours will show my care,

You’ll feel that feeling that can’t compare.


Alone in your bubble bath you begin thinking of our blissful first kiss,

In return, with candles burning mesmeric memories I begin to reminisce .

I will capture the compelling emotion of joy and place it into your spirit,

My soft dark brown eyes screams out love, i hope you hear it.

Ambitious Woman

Chasing a dream with a sprinters mentality,

With hopes thats once it’s in her grasp it will become a reality,

Threw doubt out the window onto the road of failure, as she progressed,

She began to inhale success.


Love fuels her heart to achieve its desires,

While she moved past all the users, abusers and liars,

She has a heart of diamonds; it’s unbreakable shines bright,

She’s the wind beneath my kite.


The utmost definition of an ambitious woman of Christ,

I could never repay you for all she has scarified,

You’re much more then a nurturing Mother, i forever thank God night and day,

With all my heart and more, i love you Candice Renee.

It’s not you it’s me. (Dont want anything serious)

Longing for one more kiss, your love is what i lack

Someday you’re going to want me back,

Could i have possible done something wrong for you to leave?

In the book of love I thought we were on the same page, I suppose that was naive,


I thought if i’d stay true and put in my full effort, you would stay,

Blindly mistaken, that’s what pushed you away,

"I don’t want anything serious" are the words that linger in my ear,

Did she tell me this because there’s someone else; I came on too strong, or out of fear?


It’s pathetic that i can’t keep focus because you’re constantly on my mind,

Similar to the fingerprints you left on my soul, your love is one of a kind,

If you met the high standards that i placed above my heart, why do i feel so low?

Absent from your embrace, i fell so fast but the healing is so slow,


Feeling helpless in the sea of love, through time i’m destined to drown,

What’s the meaning of a love fling if it’s always my heart that’s being tossed around.

Jul 2
Talented Painter! Ayele Ford

Talented Painter! Ayele Ford

Dear Someone.

After patiently waiting I open my eyes and there you are,

You’re reeling in my heart with you grace from afar,

Typically good guys finish last,

But it’s okay, because sometimes you have to wait and let the unworthy past,


Most men that have crossed the path of a quality woman, have made a detour,

Side-tracked by childish desires, their hearts aren’t ready and still immature.

But I’ve been hanging in an emotional cocoon from above,

Now I’m ready to break out and embrace your love


You show me bare, pure, essences that leaves me emotionally naked

I’ll take that leap of faith for you, you give me the confidence I need to make it

You came in my heart uninvited and captured my tears,

And with them you surfed my soul and took away all my fears


All GIRLS are the same,

That’s why i need a WOMAN to illustrate a portrait of unconditional love and display it in a frame,

The smell of your fragrance takes me to a place that’s heaven sweet,

You have me rolling in deep emotion; with you my life is fulfilling and complete.

Love’s Intoxication

Stumbling over pass memories because I’ve fallen deeply in love with you,

Unable to control the feeling inside or the things i say and do,

Can’t imagine walking down the isle straight due to the fact that i’m drunken in love,

It’s a heavenly emotion that was entrusted in my heart by the Man above,



Your presents gets me tongue tied, speaking gibberish while i slier my words,

Sending late not lovely drunk texts about how i want to create a love nest, as if we were radiant birds. 

Not wanting this feeling to end, because its so high, don’t bring down my plane

Not allowed to get behind the wheel of a car because your sex drive is insane



Blacked-out, not knowing how i got to this point, or why im passed out on the floor,

Because of you; i’ve entered the island of love, through your heart you opened the gates and doors.

As we climb to the gateway of heaven with our ladder of love,

We’ll elevate our love to hights you wouldnt imagine; to an infinite degree that is a pure as a dove